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Hola Monsteristas!  :wink:

Nos acaba de llegar una circular desde Ducati Italia avisándonos de un concurso que están preparando para la vuelta de verano.
No sabemos aún los detalles, pero nos invitan a que todos los socios del DOC Ducatistas que quieran participar vayan recolectando fotografías o selfies donde aparezcan con su Monster.
El concepto de las fotos es que se vea al piloto y no solo a la moto, por lo que no valen fotos donde solo se vea la Monster. Así que cuanto mayor plano de vosotros mismos, mejor.

Las fotos deben ser subidas/enviadas a:  http://monstercampaign.ducati.com/
Tendrán mayor relavancia las fotos donde se vea más a la persona que a la moto (fotos donde salgamos en primer plano cada uno de nosotros y en segundo plano la moto).
También se pueden enviar videos.


"Dear Presidents,
To be Ducatisti means being unique, but at the same time, it means being part of a large family scattered all over the world.
And no one knows what this means more than you do.
In the great Ducati family there’s a world of Monster whose story began 25 years ago that continues to grow with the same great energy, satisfaction, and passion it once started with.
We’re creating an advertising campaign aimed at describing what it means to be Monsteristi to people who don’t know yet, and we know that there’s nothing more effective than making the voice of those heard who already know the unique emotions that only the naked bike from Borgo Panigale can succeed in evoking.
That's why we are asking you to involve your Monstersiti members who would like to participate (and you, if you are a Monsteristi as well) and collect some photos that portray them with their Monsters during their summer riding adventures.
If you would like to participate, it’s important to follow some guidelines that will make the photos more cohesive and effective for the campaign:
-           The Monsteristi (more than the motorcycle) are the protagonists of the photos. So we are looking for pictures (selfies or portraits) where they or their faces are in the foreground of the shot in respect to the motorcycle
-           Photos can be taken with smartphones, but we ask you to check all of the pictures before sending them to us in order to make sure that they aren’t out of focus, washed out, etc…
¬-         Finally, we ask that the photos aren’t taken in front of signs or logos of competitor brands (or third-party companies) so that they don’t make their way into the campaign content
Upon our return, we will send you all of the details and the rules for the contest, where we will select the most beautiful photos to use within the campaign.
We ask that you pass on the message and share this opportunity with your members as much as possible so that every Monsteristi can participate.
NOTICE: The initiative is aimed at DOC members only.
Thank you and have fun!
Team DOC
Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A.
Via Cavalieri Ducati, 3
40132 Bologna, Italy"

¡empiezo yo!

Aqui va mi favorita :)

Me molan estos post, aquí una foto mía con la 821

Enviado desde mi Redmi 3S mediante Tapatalk

Subo la mía desde unos campos manchegos


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