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Aviso importante este post puede producir colapso en el apartado se vende.....

Recientemente estuve en el WDW y flipé con una moto que estaba en el box de NCR, bien, les he pedido información, se vende y se llama Millona.....

Existen tres modelos diferentes desde 24.000 a 38.800 en función del peso y el motor les he escrito pidiendo información y me han contestado lo siguiente:

Hello Abel,
thank you for your interest in our products!

The MILLONA is the lightest bicylindric motorcycle in the world.
The MILLONA ONE SHOT is the top model and in the full equipped configuration you can get 121 Kg (dry weight) and 107 Hp to the rear wheel for an amazing torque of 10.8 kg/Nm at the rear wheel at 6.700rpm.
The MILLONA is been concepted to be a "ready to race" motorcycle. With this weight and powerforce the sensations are like driving a 250GP bike with a Ducati engine and thinking at the brakeforce you have thanks to the Brembo Racing Monoblock radial calipers you will be able to brake in the corner and the bike will turn when you will think about it!

The MILLONA versions are produced only on request for our customers, it's a custom made production where the customer can decide to start with one of the three versions and then he can upgrade the selected version following his requests and dreams.

- MILLONA S: is the basic model; 142 KG for 86 HP to rear wheel.
Here you have a stock Ducati engine (of course with our wiring harness, CPU and exhaust system), Brembo radial calipers 100mm (same 999R brake system) with 320mm Braking Wave disks, Ohlins suspensions (front and rear), carbon fiber fuel tank, carbon fiber subframe, the exhaust system is in Inox, MARCHESINI aluminum forged wheels set and the fairing are in glass resin. For the other infos look at the attached file where you can find all the tech spec.

- MILLONA R: 131 KG for 86 HP to the rear wheel.
Same engine of the MILLONA S. Brembo Racing monoblock calipers brake system (front and rear) with Braking Wave 305mm disks (same WSBK bikes) and NCR bottom brakets kit in avional from billet, Ohlins suspensions with front fork with NCR CORSE set-up, all the bodywork parts are in carbon fiber, the wheels are forged in magnesium from Marchesini, all the bolts in this bike are in Titanium and the full exhaust system is in Titanium with carbon fiber silencers.�

- MILLONA ONE SHOT: 121 KG per 107 HP to the rear wheel.
In this version we have the Ducati 1100NCR engine, with titanium valves, anti-hopping clutch system, titanium connecting rods, big bore kit of 98mm with high compressed pistons, WSBK gearbox, NCR CORSE cams shafts, Lambdas kit and the engine tie rods, bolts and axles are in titanium. Note that only using our 1100NCR engine you save 10Kg! The rest of the bike is as the MILLONA R.

The main options are: alternator and clutch covers in magnesium, Carbon fiber wheels set by BST for NCR, AIM MXL-PISTA dashboard for NCR and on the engine soon will be availabe a new big bore kit of 102mm (1160cc) and the NCR CORSE crank shaft from billet, made in super alloy material, using F1 technology. The new big bore kit + the engine shaft give us 1200CC for almost 120hp to the rear wheel and losing 1.5 kg on the engine!

In this configuration we have won DAYTONA 2007 SOT, ASSEN BOT 2007 and all the races we did this year until this moment.

Note that on request you can get also the engine electronic starter (4 Kg more on the total bike weight).

Since 2002 NCR belongs to the Poggipolini Group, company that since 1950 works for F1, Aerospace and MotoGP (www.poggipolini.it).
NCR now is applying in his products the Poggipolini technology in order to delivery the real and ultimate racing technology. We are also certified by the italian Minister of Transport for the production of motorcycles.

Please don't hesitate to contact me for further infos and if you are ready to build your own MILLONA let me know so i will be able to send you the MILLONA bike configurator.

All the best,
Michele Poggipolini


También tengo un catálogo en Pdf si alguien o quiere queme lo pida que se lo paso en cuanto tenga un momento.



si les hacemos un pedido 100 unidades ( por decir una cantidad) que descuento nos harian??
seria una opcion muy interesante y las rodadas de ducatistas seria autenticas copas.vamos para alucinar.
alguien se anima a negociarlo con los de ncr?

ABEL  que te pierdesssssssssssssss, como me gusta esta moto

Estas hecho todo un forofo de los desmodues...  :D :D :D :D

A mi me encantan... Lástima que no vendan la carrocería suelta y haya que morir a la moto completa...

--- Cita de: MARK69 en 11 Julio, 2007, 09:22:51 ---ABEL  que te pierdesssssssssssssss, como me gusta esta moto

--- Fin de la cita ---

Creo que ya esta perdido...

Abel...esta para las 24 horas 2008!!!! ^-^


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